A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Of the many things Marla and I talked about doing in Paris one was a photo scavenger hunt. The idea being that we would have a list of quintessential French things that we could take pictures of that would be amusing and allow us to work on our photography skills.

It was a fun to find all the bizarre and interesting things that Paris is stereotypically known for. Like someone on a bike with a baguette in the basket, although you won’t find a picture here we did see it, but we weren’t fast enough with our cameras.

In no particular order here is our list:

Gargoyle – So many gargoyles to choose from!


Dog Poop – ahahahahaha a French bulldog taking a crap




River Boat


Eiffel Tower


City Centre Marker


Poodle – This little guy was the only poodle we saw all week. I managed to snap a shot before the owner noticed. Unfortunately for Marla she got busted taking a picture.


Padlock on a Bridge – Not as many padlocks as I would have thought. But the city has been removing them after a couple of years ago, when the weight of the locks knocked out a few railings on the bridges.


PDA – Ahhh PDA, what would Paris be without it




Stained Glass Window


Topiary – Because yeah, topiary is awesome!


Ornate Metro Entrance


French Cat – pretty kitty


Gilded Anything – I just like how it sparkles.


Fountain – Most of the fountains that I came across had rubbish in the water. The fountains at Versailles were not running but they were clean.


Scammers – While researching Paris it was noted over and over again on many different sites to watch out for scammers, so they made it to the list and we did indeed see some. Not sure what the scam was but they were aggressively approaching people outside Notre Dame.


Window Full of Pastries – So.Many.Pastries. I was in love. This is the only window full of pastries courtesy of Marla. I was too busy devouring everything I saw.


People on a picnic


Here’s what else was on our list but alas we did not get pictures.

  • Beret – Saw lots, just didn’t get a picture
  • Street Performers – again, saw but no picture
  • Mime – no mimes! really can you believe it?!
  • Baguette in a basket on a bike – we saw this!!! But could not get the cameras out fast enough
  • Tabac Sign
  • Accordian


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We’re Marla and Stephanie, two friends separated by a 12 hour drive but not much else. We love to travel. We also love food.

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