Musée d’Orsay

One morning in Paris, Stephanie made plans for herself to visit the Louvre. Having been on a previous visit to Paris I decided I’d take a pass, and would meet her several hours later at the Louvre courtyard Pyramid. After she’d left early to beat the crowds, I enjoyed a slow lazy start to my day. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself and my mind went in a million different directions thinking of options.

Window shopping? A return to Saint-Sulpice? Sitting outside a cafe and people watching as Parisians headed out to start their own day? Strolling along the bank of the Seine? I was alone in Paris on a beautiful sunny morning, and my options were limitless!

By the time I’d left my cousin’s house – our home base while in Paris – I still wasn’t sure where I was headed. I just walked and let my feet guide me. Before long I realised I was headed in the direction of Musée d’Orsay. As luck would have it, I’d never been before and was interested in visiting after hearing such great things about it. Talk about serendipity!


My luck continued as I arrived and found an empty entrance with no line-up to stand in. Hooray! Once past security and admissions, inside the crowds were light and manageable. Double hooray!


My first mission wasn’t to find a certain piece of art. No, no. It was to fill my grumbling tummy after passing on breakfast earlier in order to get myself out the door. I also, correctly, assumed that everyone else would get their art fill first and eat later – meaning that if I ate first I could avoid a packed and loud dining experience. So I followed the signs and found myself entering The Cafe Campana, an artsy open space serving up brasserie deliciousness.


I thoroughly enjoyed my meal; a cappuccino followed by Quiche Lorraine served with a side salad and bun surrounded by stylish decor with oversized light pendants and the pièce de résistance – a giant clock window.


Making my dining experience even more enjoyable was meeting another solo diner at the table next to me who was visiting from the USA. We both love Europe and have stayed in contact on social media since returning, sharing ideas and suggestions for future travels across the pond.

Once finished, I said my goodbye to my new friend and blindly wandered around the gallery. Not having done any research beforehand meant that I didn’t have a set agenda. Other than it being an old train station with neat architecture, I knew nothing about Musée d’Orsay. I noticed people heading outside and decided to follow them to see what the views, if any, were like.


What a treat! And the beautiful weather added to the experience, making me stay longer to enjoy the view. Back inside, I came across many pieces that caught my attention..


I could have spent a lot more time at Musée d’Orsay, but I was also looking forward to getting back outside into the sunshine and meeting Stephanie to continue our Parisian adventures. But I will return in future!

To see the rest of my Musée d’Orsay photos, click here.

– Marla

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