La Catrina Mexican Tacos

I’m fortunate to call the West End neighbourhood of downtown Vancouver home. The West End is densely populated, and has more of a community vibe than other downtown Vancouver neighbourhoods with its unique mix of people and places. In 2015 the West End was named Canada’s Most Livable Neighbourhood, and for good reason!

Tiny quiet parks dot this neighbourhood of tree-lined streets, and there’s an array of delicious food and commercial options within a short walking distance no matter where you are. The West End is also a favourite to non-locals because of its many beaches, the seawall and for neighbouring world famous Stanley Park.

I’d like to share with you one of my West End favourites local eateries:


La Catrina Mexican Tacos
1187 Denman St,
Vancouver, BC V6G 2N1
Phone: 604 566 9503

Located on busy Denman Street almost next to Morton Park (where you’ll find the popular A-Maze-Ing Laughter public art installation), La Catrina has made itself a name for cheap and delicious authentic Mexican tacos.


For $11 you can choose 4 tacos (mixing them up is encouraged!). With their mouthwatering descriptions, you’ll have a difficult time choosing. Some of my favourites are:

Perfect balance of chicken and chorizo with chipotle sauce, topped with cheese and cream. It will blow your mind!
Mexican potatoes with drizzled cream and rain of parsley. (Veggie or vegan) Really the favorite!
Fresh mushrooms in garlic and chili sauce, with Mexican cheese. (Veggie or vegan)

If you’d like to eat in, there are a few stools (this is not a full-service menu – think “indoor taco stand”). If the weather is nice, I prefer to get mine to go. But not before taking advantage of the salsa bar (the avocado sauce is delicious, and I love the pickled onions). I then like to head across the street to English Bay where I can enjoy the ocean views while inhaling my delicious meal. Which is exactly what we did when Stephanie recently visited Vancouver.


If you visit La Catrina, let me know what you think! And be sure to ask for a stamp card to earn free tacos.


My apologies for the blurriness. Clearly I’m a tad excited.

BECAUSE FREE. TACOS. (hashtag slurp)

~ Marla

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