Ice Storm

The boyfriend and I took a day trip down to Bellingham yesterday. Instead of taking the most direct route to the USA border, we decided to take a scenic drive through farm lands where the pace is more relaxed, traffic is lighter and the views are often quite beautiful.

At one point on our drive, I saw what looked to be Christmas tree tinsel sparkling in a tree at the edge of the road. Then another, and another. I took a photo because it looked so pretty.


When I looked more closely, I realised that I wasn’t looking at leftover Christmas decorations. It was ice!

It was then that we remembered that the Fraser Valley, about an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver, was hit with a 2 day ice storm late last week. Roads were initially left in treachorous conditions, and tens of thousands of customers found themselves without power thanks to downed power lines. Days later, crews are tirelessy working to restore power to everyone in the region. Having only seen the headlines online, it was a shock to see the story come to life before our eyes.

It was even icier in Lynden, the first town over the USA border. Everything seemed to glisten in the sunshine. We couldn’t believe our eyes as we passed stuck vehicles covered by sheets of ice. Further down the road, w were finally able to safely pull over to take a better look.


After sliding around on the icy ground for several minutes, we got back in the car and continued on our way. We had to stop for construction at one point (a crew was replacing a long line of downed power lines), so I was able to take a few more photos out the window.


The strange thing is that the ice was limited to one relatively small area. Literally a few minutes drive down the road you’d never know that we had just gone through an icy wonderland.

– Marla



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