Bellingham Collectibles

One of my favourite things to do in Bellingham is to visit Penny Lane Antique Mall, and Aladdin’s Lamp Antiques downstairs.


They’re always fun to wander. Both stores are packed with a wide array of items. Everything from weird to wonderful, with a good dose of what-the-heck-is-this mixed in.

Perhaps you’d like some silver flatware, or a photo of someone else’s grandparents?

IMG_20171231_131641 (1)

Or a cooler-than-you Barbie?

IMG_20171231_131705 (1)

Fancy a cuppa?

IMG_20171231_131717 (1)

How adorable it this sunny yellow Le Creuset bean pot?

IMG_20171231_131954 (1)

Imagine how many fanastic outfits were created using this vintage dress form..

IMG_20171231_132029 (1)

A delightful picture book about a dead dog, anyone?

IMG_20171231_132145 (1)

I love her cute little face and rosy cheeks.


More people you don’t know. Some of the frames are pretty fantastic though!


Definitely not your usual nesting dolls..


Do you know that Napoleon’s army helped to rediscover the Rosetta Stone?


As if a cat would bow for a lowly human! As if!


I remember taking a typing class in highschool. Sadly, the typewriter I learned on wasn’t anywhere near as cool as this one..


How many of these brands do you recognise?


Let’s play dress-up!


Fancy a fancy cuppa?


I’m not sure what kind of decor this would fit in with, other than racist.


Oooh, Agnes. You babe, you..


Does anyone else remember the TV advertisements where Aunt Jemima would come to life? I miss her.


My sister and I were almost ripped to shreds by a terrible neighbour Lassie Dog during our childhood. I should have bought her this as a warm and friendly reminder of that happy day.


Quite possibly the worst souvenir you could bring back for a coworker. Even worse than the lumps of coal I once brought everyone in my department when I returned from holiday.


For all of you salt and pepper shaker collectors our there..


These two are up to no good..


What’s better? His sideburns or the cat in the background?


I initially thought this was a train track, but now I just don’t know. Anyone?


An assortment of old kitchen clutter and a random head on a wall..


Old fashioned toaster..


This wicker pram would look so much better with a sleeping cat in it.


Vintage records. Which I find a bit alarming because many of them are from my youth.


Fun lunch boxes, and Beanie Babies..


Perhaps you’re looking for your very own practice bomb? I mean, who isn’t?


Look at this adorableness!


And last but certainly not least..

Royal china! I may have walked away with a Queen Elizabeth II tea cup and saucer to add to my collection. I couldn’t resist!


Do you have a favourite antique shop?

– Marla

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I like tea and cats and travel and murder mysteries and taking photos and eating delicious food and Spring flowers and witty humour and birdsong and British Royals and a nice cold IPA and random tidbits and .. DID I MENTION THAT I LIKE CATS? Come check out my blogs and see what I find myself getting up to!

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