Rocko’s Diner


Fans of the popular Netflix series, Riverdale, will recognise Rocko’s Diner as the location of Pops ChockLit Shoppe. Aside from Riverdale, Rocko’s Diner is apparently one of the top filming locations in Canada. Known for its fun classic 50’s diner esthetic and their delicious milkshakes, how could we pass on by? The diner was full when we arrived, but the wait was pretty short.




The first order of business after being seated was to choose our milkshake flavour. Sure, if this was anywhere else it would be a simple choice between the regulars: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. At Rocko’s Diner, this means you have to choose between over 30 flavours – and countless combinations!


The boyfriend ordered chocolate mint, which was really tasty. After much humming and hawing, I settled on butter pecan. It was delicious and tasted exactly as you’d expect, without being too sweet.


Rocko’s menu, full of hard-to-choose-between classic comfort foods (many with interesting twists; like the perogy wrap and the breakfast poutine) was almost as overwhelming as the milkshake menu. I had a difficult time deciding!

The boyfriend ordered the J. Jones Burger named after Jughead and was very pleased with his selection.


I ordered the Good Ol’ Clubhouse and my eyes nearly fell out of my head when it arrived at the table. I’d definitely bitten off more than I could chew!


In addition to regular gravy, the menu listed Liquid Gold. Naturally I was intrigued and had to order it. Liquid Gold = Nacho flavoured fake cheese sauce.


Portion sizes at Rocko’s are huge. Knowing that there was no way I’d be able to eat everything, I pulled apart my sandwich and basically ate only the filling. And then I proceeded to try to disguise the mess I’d left on my plate with strategically placed used napkins to hide my shame. Le sigh.


The food was pretty good but the standout is definitely the milkshakes. Service was efficient but friendly. There was a constant stream of incoming customers; families and couples and (mostly) teenagers hanging out at their local diner. Very much reminiscent of times gone by.



While we may not have run into Archie and the gang, we did enjoy our dinner at Rocko’s Diner. Next time we’re in the area, we’ll definitely be stopping in for another milkshake.

For more information about Rocko’s Diner, and the effect of being featured in Riverdale, head over to Refinery29 to read an interview with the owner.

– Marla





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