Platform 7

The boyfriend and I enjoyed a walk on a particularly drizzly afternoon about a month ago. Upon our return to the car, I decided I wanted a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm up (as you do). We were in an area I’m not very familiar with, so I turned to my trusty phone and searched for “hot chocolate near me”. One of the suggestions was Platform 7. Odd name for a coffee shop but the reviews were good and the photos online confirmed that this was exactly the kind of place I was looking for.


Stepping through the door, we found ourselves transported to a .. train station?


As in a train station platform.

As in.. of course!

My brain may have taken the long route but everything was suddenly making sense.


I love the decor. From the long bar to the “station” roof to the floor boards. Everything was on point and perfectly suited the name.




The hot chocolate was perfect; warm and comforting with real chocolate flavour (which can’t be said for most watered down poor imitations I’ve ordered over the years). It was almost too pretty to drink. Almost.


The peanut butter cookie, not initially part of the plan, called to me. Screamed my name until I ordered it, really. What was I to do? I am happy to report that it was delicious too.


The staff are friendly and the vibe is exactly what I look for in a coffee shop. Sadly, Platform 7 isn’t in my neighbourhood. Nor is it in a neighbourhood that I ever really visit. But I definitely think it’s worth a trip. Next time I think I’ll visit during the day to take advantage of the delicious looking sandwiches. And maybe I’ll pull up a stool and sit at the bar for a while.


– Marla



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