Miss Stephanie and I are headed back to France!


This time we’re taking our other halves, each of who has never been to Europe never mind France. It’s going to be so much fun to play tour guides and see things through their ‘new’ eyes.. and to experience new things too.

We’re meeting in Paris and are excited to show the guys what we love about one of our favourite travel destinations. After a few days we’re splitting up to go our own ways but between the two (four) of us we’ll be visiting Versailles, Fontainebleau, Normandy, Dordogne, Provence and the Cote d’Azur.



And in typical M&S fashion, there has been much research! And planning! And spreadsheet-ing! And reminiscing! And most importantly, deciding what food we will gorge ourselves silly on!

Because FRANCE!

I’m sure that we’ll have more to post about our upcoming trip as departure gets closer, but in the meantime we wanted to share our excitement and ask those of you who have been to France before what your favourites are: places to visit, food to eat, travel tips, or your favourite France anecdotes. Let us know in the comment section below!

Bisous Bisous!

– Marla


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I like tea and cats and travel and murder mysteries and taking photos and eating delicious food and Spring flowers and witty humour and birdsong and British Royals and a nice cold IPA and random tidbits and .. DID I MENTION THAT I LIKE CATS? Come check out my blogs and see what I find myself getting up to!

7 thoughts on “Countdown!

  1. Looks like we will be in the same area of France, at the same time, so we will be on the look out for you. Bayeux, Mont St Michel, Versailles, and Paris.

    If we don’t see you enjoy your adventure 🙂


  2. Make sure to just relax when going through the Dordogne and Provence. Too many people rush through these areas just to see the “big sites”. The Dordogne is perfect for picnicking, as is Provence. Just take it slow. 🙂

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      1. Just in case you have any interest, I have a post called “Retirement Trip to France – 2014”. We spent a couple weeks in the Dordogne and really enjoyed it. If you do check it out, just follow the link and then it is near the end as the old blog site posted backwards. Have a great time!

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