Little Cheerful

On our way home from a recent camping trip in Washington, we stopped off in Bellingham for a late breakfast. We decided to try Little Cheerful, which is normally too busy to bother with. But given that we were visiting on a Monday this time, we almost had the place to ourselves.

The decor is eclectic with so much to look at. The vibe is relaxed and 90’s R&B playing overhead immediately took me back to my younger years.





The creative menu was difficult to narrow down. My boyfriend decided to go with their Bacon Cheddar Browns topped with over-medium eggs, and was happy with his selection.


I decided that when in Rome America, I’d do as the Americans do.. and ordered Biscuits & Gravy with poached eggs! I managed to barely eat half of the food because I was stuffed. Sad kittens, because that gravy (while not much to look at) was delicious.


I look forward to returning to try some other dishes on offer. The staff were really friendly too, so hopefully my return visit happens sooner than later.

– Marla

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