Blaze Pizza

Delicious and perfectly crisp thin crust fast-fired pizza made to order right in front of your eyes.

Do we have your attention? We thought so. Because pizza. #slurp

While in Calgary, Stephanie introduced me to Blaze Pizza and my only complaint is that there isn’t a location here in Vancouver (yet – their website promises of a soon-to-be opened branch. I’m hyperventilating!).


The premise, very much like Subway, is simple. You order your toppings while standing in front of glass, choosing which ingredients look most appetizing to you.

A staff-member (pizza artist, if you will) then tops your crust before the pizza is baked in the oven.


The choices (and combinations) are endless, and your own personalized tasty masterpiece is ready in 3 minutes!

But anticipation will make those 3 minutes feel like you’ve lost 6 months off of your life.



That’s mine, front and centre. I wanted to jump over the glass.

Here’s Miss Stephanie’s pizza..



And mine..


Garlic pesto, Parmesan, ricotta, meatballs, artichokes and arugula. SO GOOD.

I might have to camp outside of the soon-to-be opened Vancouver location to be first in line so I can eat this deliciousness before anyone else. Stay tuned!

What are you favourite pizza toppings?

– Marla


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