Sunday Drive

Vancouver is in the midst of an heat wave. I’ve been miserable and cranky and a pure delight to be around, I’m sure. Our apartment has zero air flow, with the exception of a fan that blows around warm air. Aside from businesses, Vancouver doesn’t really do air conditioners. Our weather is generally mild and (thankfully) heat waves and cold snaps don’t last too long.

On Sunday evening, I suggested that we go for a drive. I needed to feel real wind blowing through my hair and was craving an iced coffee. Our drive took us over to West Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay, where you can catch a ferry to the Sunshine Coast and the Gulf Islands. While we stayed on land, getting out as the sun was starting to think about setting was a nice treat for both of us.


I’ve heard that the weather is supposed to cool significantly later this week (there’s even been talk of rain). Fingers crossed!

– Marla


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