Trip Things, Part Deux

Following up to yesterday’s post about picnic supplies for our upcoming trip to France, I thought I’d share another 2 items I’ll be packing.

First up is this infinity scarf that I made using material I bought super cheap at a thrift shop (double washed, of course). I like the pattern, and gives me a reason to wear navy instead of my usual black.


The best part, however.. is that it’s the perfect scarf for wearing when I want to nip out to the local patisserie or cafe. The reason for that is that it’s got a secret zippered pocket that’s perfect for hiding your passport, room key, some Euros.. basically anything small enough that you need to bring with you for a quick stop rather than carrying everything you own.


I don’t know about you but I tend to over pack. Even my day bag / purse has enough “what if” items in it that I might as well be carrying another person on my shoulder for the weight of it.

I’ve seen these secret pocket scarves online – both patterns and tutorials to make your own, as well as options for purchasing ready-made. I decided to make my own and if no one looks closely, my questionable sewing skills will remain a secret along with my passport!

Speaking of my passport, I recently ordered this beautiful Van Gogh print RFID passport holder.


I absolutely love it.

Initially I was looking for an organizer to keep all my documents in but sternly reminded myself that I don’t need to have everything on me all.the.damn.time..

I have a few more items to share, so check back soon!

– Marla

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