Time Stands Still

Looking at my desk calendar tells me that Saturday, the day we leave for France, is a short 3 days away. My mind tells me otherwise, as time seems to be standing still. I’ve researched and planned and packed (and repacked) and shared multiple messages with Stephanie about our few days together in Paris. We’ve sent each other photos of our travel wardrobes (which has become our thing, I really miss the days of being next door neighbours and not a 12 hour drive apart), discussed at length what delightful French skin care products we’ll go broke stockpiling, where we’ll go, what we’ll see, what we’ll eat..


Me yell-texting her about éclairs has become a daily occurrence. I can almost taste them. I’ve compiled a not-so-secret list of mouthwatering foods I plan to eat during the trip. On that list, obviously, is the onion soup at La Jacobine.

Sinfully delicious onion soup.

Which brings me to my throwback to the onion soup Stephanie made after our return from France last time. Again, why must we live 12 hours apart? Le sigh.

Check out Stephanie’s post and recipe here.

– Marla

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