Cook’n Saj

I’ve noticed that burgers have become more popular in France over the past several years, as evidenced by Cook’n Saj where we went for dinner one night in Paris and were the only non-French speakers.

I’m not complaining! Because #burgersarelife

I discovered this restaurant on Google with impressive 4.7/5 stars, and saved it to my maps in case we were looking for a cheap and cheerful meal.

The restaurant is small with clean modern decor. The staff were wonderful: very friendly and attentive.

Patiently waiting for our meals.

It’s true! French people eat burgers with utensils!

My falafel burger with grilled eggplant, avocado and cheese was so.damn.good.

My boyfriend was very happy with his cheeseburger too.

Frites Maison, or double cooked fries smothered in cheese sauce. Slurp.

Here’s one of the owners checking in on customers. He had just walked us to the door to thank us for our business, and to wish us a good evening. He stopped by our table a few times during our visit to make sure we were happy with our experience. Such a lovely man.

I look forward to returning next time in Paris.

– Marla

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I like tea and cats and travel and murder mysteries and taking photos and eating delicious food and Spring flowers and witty humour and birdsong and British Royals and a nice cold IPA and random tidbits and .. DID I MENTION THAT I LIKE CATS? Come check out my blogs and see what I find myself getting up to!

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