Point Zero

In the square outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, look for the small crowd of people staring at the ground.

At the centre of this crowd you’ll find the Point Zero marker, identifying Kilometre Zero of Paris – or the official centre of the city. It’s used to measure distance not only within the city, but also the distance from anywhere in France to the centre of Paris.

While we took the opportunity to take a photo of our feet, some people perform rituals such as spinning on top of the bronze plaque on one foot to gain your heart’s desire or leaving pennies like one would at a wishing well.

Whatever you choose to do, take a moment to appreciate this simple unassuming, yet important, marker of Paris.

– Marla

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I like tea and cats and travel and murder mysteries and taking photos and eating delicious food and Spring flowers and witty humour and birdsong and British Royals and a nice cold IPA and random tidbits and .. DID I MENTION THAT I LIKE CATS? Come check out my blogs and see what I find myself getting up to!

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