Last month I posted a quick update from Brive Airport Dordogne Valley. I mentioned at the time that we’d arrived for our flight so early, we were the only non-staff around.

Curiously, even as our departure time drew closer, the airport didn’t get much busier. In fact, at the boarding gate we learned that we’d be 2 of only 7 passengers on our flight to Paris.

Needless to say, check-in, security and boarding was a breeze!

Look closely and you’ll be able to count our 5 fellow passengers. Luckily for our pleasant flight attendant, we were all seated together, and service was over less than 5 minutes after if started.

When asked which treat I’d prefer of the 2 on offer, I wasn’t sure – so she gave me 1 of each: bruschetta flavoured crispy things and a decent slice of lemon loaf.

The flight itself was pleasant and uneventful, and I spent my time catching up on some reading.

Serious question though.. how does Hop! stay in business with essentially empty flights? Perhaps the return flight was packed, justifying our flight?

– Marla

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I like tea and cats and travel and murder mysteries and taking photos and eating delicious food and Spring flowers and witty humour and birdsong and British Royals and a nice cold IPA and random tidbits and .. DID I MENTION THAT I LIKE CATS? Come check out my blogs and see what I find myself getting up to!

3 thoughts on “Hop!

  1. HOP is subsidize by Air France which in turn gets from us the happy taxpayers!! I need to use often the airport at Rennes and is deserted some punctual flights and the rest empty like I am the only one walking thru the aisles! I guess they do a transportation service and get some help from visitors like you lol! cheers

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