Le Tréport’s Funicular

Take a (free) ride up or down Le Tréport’s funicular, which joins the upper and lower parts of the town. The ride, at less than 2 minutes, cuts through a tunnel in the cliff on a 155 metre long track.


I’m sure that fans of the Scandi-noir styled French cop drama Witnesses (or Les Témoins) will recognise the funicular.

I loved that program and really hope a third season is filmed. I read earlier this year that it’s likely to happen. Fingers crossed.

– Marla

7 thoughts on “Le Tréport’s Funicular

    1. It’s pretty neat. I believe it’s unique to Europe in that it cuts through the cliff. I’ve been on the ones at Capri and Stanserhorn, both of which are above ground.

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      1. Great post, love the views!
        I really want to visit the one in Lisbon. One day!
        Of course I forgot that I’ve been up the Paris one (at Montmartre), although that seems a bit anticlimactic after the others. 😋

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