Le Tréport Beach

Pebbly and surrounded by high cliffs, the beach at Le Tréport is typical of the seaside towns along Côte d’Albâtre.

We arrived at dinnertime, so there weren’t too many people around. That, combined with cloudy sky, made it feel quite moody.

I really like these beach huts, which can apparently be rented during the Summer months.

You can see the white cliff in the background, which mirrors those of Dover across the English Channel. Or la Manche, as the French prefer to call the channel.

Also neat is the stone imbedded into the wall that my boyfriend is sitting on. Let’s take a closer look..

Does anyone know what type of stone this is?

– Marla

4 thoughts on “Le Tréport Beach

  1. When I was in college I could have told you right away what kind of stone that is, but after all these years I have forgotten everything I learned in Geomorphology 101.

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