Italian Kitchen

We recently took my boyfriend’s Mother for her birthday dinner at Italian Kitchen. I am the only one who’d eaten there before and, not that I didn’t enjoy the company or my meal (because how could I not?), but I was sooooo excited about dessert that it was a bit of a challenge to remain in the moment.

Each table is served focaccia and an olive oil balsamic dip.

To share, we also ordered Bruschetta alla Toscana (cannellini beans, cauliflower, spiced walnuts, garlic crosta).

It was good, but was definitely missing something to lift the flavours. Perhaps a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt?

I ordered Caprese salad for my main (mixed tomatoes, basil, burrata). Burrata should be illegal, it’s so good. Swoon.

My boyfriend ordered Paccheri Bolognese (braised & ground boar, fresh herbs, soffritto, red wine) which is funny yet eye roll inducing because if Bolognese is on a menu he’s almost guaranteed to order it.

His Mother ordered Gnocchi Funghi (wild mushrooms, porcini stock, ricotta salata). It took a lot of effort to not grab her plate and eat it all myself. Because mushrooms and little potato-ey pillows of love. 💕

For dessert my boyfriend ordered Barretta di Cioccolato alle Nocciole (chocolate & hazelnut mousse, cocoa nibs, raspberry) which was sinfully delicious.

The tart crunchiness of the freeze-dried raspberry pieces was a nice accompaniment to the rich chocolate.

His Mother ordered Tiramisu (lemon mascarpone mousse, espresso soaked lady fingers, mocha anglaise).

I’m not a big fan of Tiramisu because of the texture and the raw egg factor, but I have to say that the lemon mascarpone almost makes me a convert.

And now to my dessert. Allow me to present to you Zeppole (Italian style doughnuts, vanilla crème anglaise)..

Mini donuts, you say?


Mini donuts filled with warm liquidy love chocolate sauce that you dip into creamy vanilla.


Here we are post-meal, stuffed to the gills and about to roll out of the restaurant.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon. I hear the unmistakable siren call of mini donuts calling to me at night.

I simply can’t stay away.

– Marla

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We’re Marla and Stephanie, two friends separated by a 12 hour drive but not much else. We love to travel. We also love food.

7 thoughts on “Italian Kitchen

  1. I’m experiencing an abnormal desire to go back to Italy and eat the food again. We have lots of good Italian restaurants here but somehow there’s nothing better than eating in the country of origen. Your pictures make me hungry.

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