Meet You Under The Clock

I’m a proud Vancouverite, born and bred. However, I have never uttered these words – or met anyone at this clock. I didn’t even realise that this was a thing.

Hmm. Learn something new every day.

Any Vancouverite readers familiar with the Birks clock being a well-known meeting spot?

– Marla

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We’re Marla and Stephanie, two friends separated by a 12 hour drive but not much else. We love to travel. We also love food.

2 thoughts on “Meet You Under The Clock

  1. In Hannover, Germany, the locals sometimes agree to “meet under the tail”. Meaning under the tail of the king’s horse of his equestrian statue in front of the main railroad station. The king in question was Ernst August I, a pompous reactionary who ruled the Kingdom of Hannover from 1837 until his death in 1851.

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