Flight 2050

Rather than taking the ferry to nearby Victoria, I decided to splurge and book us a flight on a seaplane with Harbour Air.

We arrived early to check-in and then made our way to the snack stand for complimentary coffees and baked goods.

The waiting area looks out towards Stanley Park. Most people gave me the impression that this was a regular occurrence for them. Which makes sense, as Harbour Air runs multiple flights between Vancouver and Victoria daily. It’s a great option for commuting if you can justify the cost.

As our boarding time approached, I became really nervous. For someone who loves to travel, I actually hate flying. And with seaplanes flying so low I suspected that being able to see where I was going to crash and die would make things worse. I’m terrified of heights, you see.

Boarded and ready for take-off. I’m actually quite terrified here, but am trying to keep my fear of imminent death at bay. Not very successfully, mind you.

The flight was almost fully booked. I wondered if anyone else was nervous too, but I didn’t see one clenched fist or white knuckle amongst the group. The pilots looked comfortable and I didn’t see a single bead of sweat.

Oh dear. It’s time to get going and I’m wondering if I’ve made a terrible mistake. Is it too late to get off?

Seeing the barf bag and safety sheet didn’t make me feel the relief they normally do.


But then suddenly we were in the air and the views went from being something scary in my mind to something I was in awe of!

Oh look! It’s Stanley Park! I feel like a bird!

And there’s the North Shore!

Downtown Vancouver!

The views changed every minute and I couldn’t get enough of them.

Low lying clouds added a nice effect. Like being on a regular large commercial jet, but lower so you can actually see detail.

Suddenly we were arriving into Victoria Harbour. The landing was smooth (although it took my brain a second to catch up to the fact that landing on water is what is supposed to happen!)

The woman sitting next to me across the miniscule aisle mentioned that our flight conditions were perfect: beautiful views, no turbulence or rain. It seems that for my first seaplane experience I couldn’t have planned it better.

I was looking forward to our day in Victoria but I kind of wished we could stay flying for just a little bit longer.

Wait, what!? Did I actually just say that?!

Getting off our little plane I felt like a changed person to the terrified girl who 35 minutes earlier was certain she was going to die.

Which reminded me of this. 💕

– Marla

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We’re Marla and Stephanie, two friends separated by a 12 hour drive but not much else. We love to travel. We also love food.

8 thoughts on “Flight 2050

  1. Nice description of your trip, and your feelings, with some lovely photos. I remember one trip that my wife and I made to Victoria by ferry — it was one of the really new, huge ones, with a big plate glass window looking out from the restaurant/cafeteria. We were having breakfast when all of a sudden, the pilot slammed the ferry into reverse, the nose plunged down at least a couple of feet, and we were all terrified. After that, everything was fine. I don’t actually know, but I suspect he threw the motor into reverse because we were about to hit something — a boat, an island, something. Anyway, you can understand why it was a memorable trip.

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